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When is the voting period?

 Voting opens Thursday 12 May at 9am and closes Friday 17 June at 5pm.

The voting process and rules are: 
  • All adult registered members (aged 18 and over) of Ngāti Porou ki Hauraki descent can vote. 

  • Each voter can only vote once. 

  • There will be No proxy voting. 

  • Votes must be cast within the voting period (Thursday 12 May to Friday 17 June). 

  • The Independent Returning Officer must be able to match your voting number (unique identifier) with your details on the Ngāti Porou ki Hauraki register. 

  • Unregistered adult members of Ngāti Porou ki Hauraki descent, can register at the hui and cast a Special Vote using a Special Voting pack. 

Who runs the voting process and outcome? 

The voting process, including the helpline, is led by an independent voting company called appointed an Independent Returning Officer and Deputy Returning Officer. Their job is to authenticate the votes and they have the final judgment on the validity of the votes.


You can vote on our website, by postal vote or by ballot at our Information Hui.

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How to receive a voting pack?

If you are a registered NPKH member over 18 years old, and have not received your Ratification Information Pack, contact the Independent Returning Officers at helpline on 0800 64 3 377 3530, or email

What if you’re not registered with Te Rūnanga ō Ngāti Porou ki Hauraki?

If you are over 18 years old and whakapapa to one or more tipuna on our list, you are eligible to register Whāngai and legally adopted whānau members are also eligible to register.  Register on the link above and submit your vote on a Special Voting Pack.

What if I live overseas?  

You can vote! If you are a registered member over 18 years old and live overseas, we strongly recommend you vote. You can attend any of our online hui and vote online during our voting period. If you need any help with the voting process, phone the helpline on 0800 64 3 377 3530, or email

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